A quiet space for busy minds.

Do you…

  • work as a freelancer or entrepreneur?
  • struggle with your current job but don’t see any other options?
  • want to start a blog or boost the one you already have?

Then you are at the right place!


In The Zen Freelancer, you’ll find useful advice and tips on working as a freelancer or entrepreneur, starting a blog and making it successful, maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

I have to give you a heads up: if you work on your own project, at times you will feel overwhelmed or anxious. There are so many things that have to be done…

Even worse: you have to take care of everything because there is no one who can do it instead of you. It could be the case that not knowing where to start can make you feel like giving up on everything.

But that’s alright. Because you can handle it.

In order to help you cope with those moments I will guide you how to…

  • build an effective productivity strategy
  • improve your planning, time and project management skills

You’ll learn to recognise and celebrate success by setting the right goals and improving your performance in order to achieve them.

In The Zen Freelancer, you’ll find motivation and inspiration even in the darkest days when everything seems a big ugly failure. You’ll find zen in the chaos of everyday life.

I know how it feels to lose hope and confidence. To feel defeated or overwhelmed by everything you should do in order to start working on your own project.

But let me tell you a secret:

The first tiny step on the road to becoming a zen freelancer is forgetting the word “should”.

If you have this kind of mindset, you’ll feel obligated to work on your projects. And who’s the best friend of Obligation?


You’ll start hating what you’re doing before even giving it a chance to grow and become successful.

But how to convince yourself to get things done then?

Remind yourself that whatever you do, you do it for you. And that completing the tasks you have for the day will bring you joy, fulfilment, happiness.

This will make you feel good.

Good about your work but also good about yourself, the zen freelancer.


I’m Marina and I went through burnout.

This would have been a great opening for a group therapy session. Unfortunately, five years ago this was my not-so-great reality.

I had burnout and in my country, this is considered very abstract. No one talks about it and you are weak if you are (showing that you are) not coping with any aspect of your life (and “crazy” if you go to a therapist).

But the constant competition with myself and my extreme “all or nothing” attitude lead me to a tough period of my life. I wasn’t able to breathe properly and it took me six months to realise why.

During this period, I had my successful career in a large web media company with a portfolio of more than 10 websites. My job was well-paid. It was very interesting, too. But there were a couple of things that were really bothering me…

After working there for four years, I got to the point of having no new challenges. I felt like I’d done everything, I’d seen everything, and there was no room for me to grow.

Going to the office and spending there 40 hours per week, most of the time, even more, started making me feel like I’m suffocating. (And, you know how it works, in the end, I was actually suffocating!)

My mind was protesting: is this what life is about?

So in 2015 I quit my job in order to start working for myself. I jumped into the unknown. But that was only to realise I was not falling but flying. Being self-employed was perfect, way better than I expected it to be.

When I started working as a freelancer things were relatively easy for me. Why? Because I had connections. And a massive portfolio. Thanks to my successful career a lot of people in this field knew about me. When I quit my job I could find my first project within a week.

I was able to support myself financially, travel a lot and have the lifestyle I always wanted to have. I even started a travel blog where I was telling stories about the places I visit and the people I met.

So why did I leave all this behind?

In the beginning of 2017 I headed to a solo travelling experiment. A couple of months later I decided to stay in The Netherlands and build my life here.

At that point it was impossible for me to work as a freelancer – I am a copywriter, words are my everything. My whole portfolio was in Bulgarian and no one cared about it here, in The Netherlands.

Why didn’t I keep working in Bulgarian, you might ask. Because the Bulgarian clients pay according to the Bulgarian standard.

For the protocol, the minimum wage in Bulgaria is 260 euro while in The Netherlands it is… 1578 euro! Even if I was working 80 hours per week, I wouldn’t have been able to pay my living expenses here.

So I made the decision to go back to the corporate environment. I started working for one of the leading companies for hotel reservations in the world.

Working in an office proved to be absolutely unsuitable for me. Again.

Does it feel like a failure that after enjoying the freedom of working as a freelancer I had to go back to an office? No. It feels like the most valuable (and challenging!) experience I’ve ever had.

I kept on repeating to myself that it was only temporary. That this was the only way I could settle down in the new country.

2018 was here and it was time. Time for me to collect all the strength I had left and start all over again.

This time, I didn’t have precious connections or a massive portfolio. But I did it anyway.

I built The Zen Freelancer from scratch. Now I work on my own from the country I’ve always dreamt to live in.

Does it all look like a mess? To be honest, it was quite a mess at times. But only after going through the biggest chaos I could discover what does the peace of mind look like.

I found out how important personal development is. And that no one can help you if you don’t help yourself.

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It’s your time to become a zen freelancer.