Freelance Tips With…

One of the biggest challenges in front of every freelancer is trying to stay zen while comparing themselves with all the shiny overachievers out there.

It’s very noisy online and it’s easy to feel lost and overwhelmed, especially at the beginning of your freelance career. Do you feel like you’re the only one who’s not making “6 figures in 2 months”? Don’t worry, you’re not. 

In The Zen Freelancer, I’m trying to keep it real. Setting wrong expectations based on false reports or misleading headlines may bring more traffic, but definitely doesn’t contribute to creating a healthy freelancing environment.

My dream is to build a community of freelancers who support each other, rather than an egocentric platform keeping the fire of severe competition burning.

That’s why I started the “Freelance Tips With…” series. Every week I interview a freelancer who has somehow inspired me. The people I talk to share not only their success stories but also their flaws.

Together we choose not to fake it until we make it, but to open the dialogue about the challenges the freelancers around the world have to deal with.

Here are all the interviews from the series: