Do you want to be happy? Of course you do! Happiness is the ultimate goal of every human being.

And even though sometimes it’s not very clear where we can find it or what exactly brings it, we keep on looking for it.

In the search for happiness, I made a list with 50 little things that will make you instantly happier.

50 things which will boost your mood and make you fall in love with life again.

If you ever lose your pair of pink glasses and you suddenly find yourself in a gloomy state of mind, come back to this list. It will help you find happiness even when everything seems a big ugly failure.

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Happiness is…

1. Wearing your favourite pair of socks.

2. Receiving a postcard.

3. Arranging your bookshelf.

4. Doodling with colour pens.

5. Laying underneath a tree on a hot day.

6. Taking a picture with a film camera.

little things that make you happier

7. Redecorating your home.

8. Sleeping in freshly changed bed sheets.

9. Helping a stranger.

10. Brewing coffee slowly.

11. Reading a book you loved as a kid.

12. Stealing a moment for yourself.

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13. Hearing the wind in the forest.

14. Smelling freshly baked bread.

15. Observing the clouds.

16. Getting into the flow.

17. Petting an animal.

18. Dancing on your favourite song.

little things that make you happier

19. Cutting your hair.

20. Watching a storm from your cosy home.

21. Receiving a compliment.

22. Writing in The Five Minute Journal (affiliate).

23. Exploring new vegetables or fruits.

24. Getting creative without a purpose.

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25. Eating a piece of chocolate.

26. Spending a day hiking.

27. Walking barefoot on sand.

28. Receiving unexpected good news.

29. Baking something.

30. Sleeping in a tent.

little things that make you happier

31. Listening to loud music with your headphones on.

32. Walking quietly in the early morning.

33. Wrapping a present in a beautiful paper.

34. Sending a real letter to someone.

35. Spending a spontaneous weekend away.

36. Smelling spring for the first time.

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37. Sitting still in nature.

38. Reading a book you can’t put down.

39. Sleeping while it’s raining outside.

40. Spending an hour with a colour book.

41. Seeing the rainbow.

42. Napping.

little things that make you happier

43. Using a teapot.

44. Repairing something on your own.

45. Getting lost in your city.

46. Watching the stars.

47. Being offline for a whole day.

48. Arranging a beautiful bouquet.

49. Smelling your favourite perfume.

50. Finding an article you want to share with your friends (like this one!).


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