Do you dream of going to a luxurious spa center whenever you have a stressful and difficult day? Relieving stress can also be done from the comfort of your bathroom – no need to invest a tremendous amount of money and time to pamper yourself. Today you’ll learn how to prepare the perfect bath and create a spa-like experience at home.

Once you add these small steps to your self-care routine, you’ll rediscover the benefits of taking a bath!

Clean the bathtub

Cleaning the bathtub before you take a bath is a must. You can find all kinds of things in an empty bathtub, which hasn’t been used for a while – hairs, dust, dumped towels. Wipe it with a microfibre towel and a bath cleanser, and afterward, wash it thoroughly. Make sure all the residues from the cleaner are gone as otherwise, you’re going to soak in a chemical cocktail!

Maybe it’s the right time to mention that you should clean the bathtub after you take a bath as well. Washing away the soap leftovers will make your life way easier next time you’re about to enjoy a bath ritual at home. 

Fill the bathtub

As it takes a while until your bathtub gets full of water, you’ll prepare the rest of the things in the meantime. My advice regarding the temperature of the water? As warm as you can handle! There’s nothing more relaxing for your body and mind than soaking in hot water. 

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Furthermore, once you turn the tap off and get in the bathtub, it will only cool down. Use your common sense though – if you have certain health conditions, it’s not recommended to go into extremes and fill the bathtub with too hot water. 

Bring a coffee table

After you’ve turned the tap on, it’s time to take care of some little things which will contribute to the quality of your self-care ritual. One of them – bringing a little coffee table or a stool – is crucial for the overall comfort of the procedure. ‘What would I need a table for?!’ – I hear you saying. Well, read on…

Prepare some towels

I usually prepare three towels – a large one to wrap myself in after the bath, a medium-sized one to dry my hands before touching anything (the magazine, the tablet or my eyes), and a random towel which I roll and use as a pillow. You, of course, can take an extra step and go for a waterproof pillow. 

Make sure that all of the towels are within your reach during the home spa ritual. You can also warm them up to feel even cozier.

Take care of the drink

When I started my bath exploration journey, I read a lot of articles on the topic. Most of them would recommend to spice up the experience with a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage.

According to me, you’re better off without alcohol while you’re immersing in hot water. Your body is already experiencing a sort of a shock, trying to adapt to a completely new and different environment. Adding alcohol to the process will make it more difficult. As a result, you might feel dizzy or nauseous – a sure way to ruin your self-care routine. 

The only drink I’d recommend to have around is water. Make sure you have a full bottle right next to the bathtub. Even though you’re soaking in water, dehydration is waiting behind the corner.

Pick up something to read

Maybe you’d like to pick up something to read – an entertaining book or an inspiring magazine. Reading while being in the bathtub can be a bit tricky, though. 

You should make sure you can reach your book or magazine while laying in the bathtub. That’s among the reasons why you needed a little table in the middle of your bathroom. The medium-sized towel will also come in to use as you certainly don’t want to touch the paper with your wet and soapy hands.

I like to place some candles around, turn off the lights, and immerse in the atmosphere, so it gets too dark to read. But for me, having a magazine to keep me company while taking a bath is part of the ritual. I’ve never come to read it, not even once, but without it, my self-care routine won’t be complete.

Light some candles

Place some scented candles around the bathroom. Be careful not to put them too close to any fabric, plastic, or other material that might burn. Enjoy the mystic shimmer, which creates a unique and relaxing atmosphere – one of the requirements for a perfect bath experience!

Play calming music

If you’re in a mood for some background music, create a playlist with your favorite songs. You can also choose one of the meditation, lo-fi hip hop or calming mixes available on Spotify or YouTube. Put the volume down and enjoy the vibe which these tunes create!

Choose a show to watch

If you like to chill with Netflix or another streaming service, this is the perfect time to do so! Bring your TV experience to another level by combining two of the activities which quiet your busy mind successfully. The perfect bath is taking between 20 and 40 minutes, so now you know what determined the length of the average TV episode! 

Get ready for the perfect bath

Up until now, you were preparing the bathroom for this sacred self-care ritual. Now it’s time to get yourself ready! Goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: visit the restroom and take a shower before entering the hot water paradise. 

Add sugar, spice, and everything nice

As we were exploring the depths of zen and the art of taking the perfect bath, your bathtub is probably almost full. It’s time to transform the big trough full of hot water into a beautifying and relaxing spa spot. 

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There are countless bath bombs and bars on the market, and they’re all fizzy and fragrant. If you want to avoid them though, you can also use some natural ingredients instead. Here’s what to add if you wish to…

  • exfoliate skin – baking soda
  • fight cold and flu – ginger 
  • hydrate skin – milk
  • reduce stress – herbs
  • reduce wrinkles – oils
  • relax muscles – salts
  • relax the mind – essential oils
  • relieve sunburn – apple cider vinegar
  • skin irritations – oatmeal

Add the final touches

Once you’re ready, get out of the bathtub carefully. It’s extremely slippery so better be safe than sorry!

It’s time for the afterbath pampering. As your pores are opened after being exposed to all the hot steam, you can use a facial mask or another cleaning product of your choice.

It feels great to hydrate your whole body, from head to toes. Apply a generous quantity of your face, body, and foot cream and allow yourself to feel the relaxation taking over you. 

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