Yoga helps you not only to stretch your body but to soothe your mind. And even if you’ve never done yoga in your life, most probably you come across this word daily.

People on social media are crazy about showing their yoga moments; professionals from different fields admit that yoga helps them maintain a healthy work-life balance; every self-care or mental health guide recommends practicing yoga for calming one’s mind.

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Relaxation and positive thinking are among the health benefits of yoga. But instead of repeating as a mantra how much yoga would help you, I prefer to give you the tools so that you can see on your own. Anyway, if your condition is not improving and you’re constantly in pain, I recommend that you seek help from a specialist.

As the modern lifestyle requires a lot of sitting, many people are suffering from back pain which only gets worse with time.

Travelling, working, being at home – we spend a great deal of our time in a sitting position. This leads to a number of physical health issues. Not only stiff neck or painful back but also muscle degeneration, leg disorders, brain damage, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Sitting is the new smoking!

Today I’m sharing with you the best yoga sequences for back pain. They’re also suitable for beginners so don’t be shy and try them out!

Thanks to all the video lessons available online, you can enjoy yoga from the comfort of your home. Just put some comfy clothes on and check out the five hand-picked videos below. You deserve to take a few minutes and take care of yourself!

1. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is among the most popular YouTube yoga teachers. In this video, she returns to the yoga basics for a relaxed practice which teaches us how to find support from within and go with the flow.

2. Back pain and sciatica relief with Juliana

With a gentle increase of movement, yoga postures, and therapeutic strength exercises this yoga sequence is gently stimulating the back muscles, stretching the glutes and hamstrings and giving the body an opportunity to move with care.

3. Yin Yoga class with Kassandra Reinhardt

This yin yoga class is all about the spine! Relieve back stiffness, work out knots in the upper back, and improve your spinal mobility.

4. Back Stretch with Cole Chance

This 30-minutes-long sequence includes back stretch and flexibility flow. A great instructional video even for absolute beginners.

5. Stretches for back pain with Jen Hilman

In this at home workout, Jen Hilman shows stretches for back pain. Relaxing and stress melting, this yoga sequence is not only about flexibility – the back pain relief comes naturally after following the stretch routine.

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The Best Yoga Sequences for Back Pain: Yoga poses and stretches for beginners which will help you stretch your back and relief the back pain and back stiffness. #yoga #backpain #yogaforbeginners #yogaposes #yogasequences #stretches
The Best Yoga Sequences for Back Pain: Yoga poses and stretches for beginners which will help you stretch your back and relief the back pain and back stiffness. #yoga #backpain #yogaforbeginners #yogaposes #yogasequences #stretches